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TRIAD Deputy Joe LaChance


The Franklin County TRIAD Division:  (L) to (R) > Deputy Angel Padilla, Deputy Fran Fox, Deputy Chris Ray, Deputy Butch Hawkins, Deputy (Supervisor) Ray Zukowski, Deputy Mike Wozniakewicz, Deputy Joe LaChance, Deputy Brian Spear.

TRIAD Program

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office TRIAD Program is a crime-prevention and wellness initiative aimed at protecting the safety and welfare of our senior citizens.  The TRIAD Program collaborates with the Northwestern District Attorney's Office, local police department, and SALT Councils (Seniors and Law Enforcement Together).  The Division is staffed by nine uniformed Deputies who serve approximately 1,400 Franklin County senior citizens and senior centers.  All Deputies are academy-trained with law enforcement powers.  They are dedicated professionals that are passionate about empowering our seniors.

The Population We Serve:

  • Persons age 60 and over

  • Residents of Franklin County

  • All services are provided without charge

TRIAD Resources:

  • We increase safety through education and crime prevention.

  • We strive in alleviating seniors' fears of victimization, build their confidence                          and improve our residents' quality of life.

  • We build community partnerships between community service providers.

TRIAD Provides the Following Services:

  • Food Program - BJ's Wholesale, Big Y and Pepperidge Farms donate food items which TRIAD distributes to senior housing complexes and senior centers in Franklin County.

  • Medical  Equipment Loan Program - In an effort to keep people in their homes as long as they can safely live there, TRIAD provides/delivers donated medical equipment such as wheelchairs, hospital beds, commodes, canes, walkers and rollators.  All equipment is free of charge.

Contact Information


160 Elm Street

Greenfield, MA 01301

Tel: 413-774-4726

Fax: 413-223-8027

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