Regional Dog Control Services

Leslee Colucci,
Regional Dog Control Officer

Phone: (413) 676-9182

Every year in Franklin County, hundreds of dogs are lost, found, or abandoned. 

The Franklin County Regional Shelter is the only facility in Franklin County that attends to the needs of these deserving dogs. While there are other excellent animal welfare organizations in the area, none take in or attend to these in-need animals. With the advantage of law enforcement authority, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Program and the Franklin County Regional Shelter is the main facility that cares for these unfortunate dogs here in Franklin County. 

Our goal is to find these dogs great homes! Dogs that come to live with us are evaluated, medically treated, medicated (if necessary), spayed/natured, vaccinated, fed, housed, exercised and generally well cared for by the staff of the Shelter and a cadre of volunteers. Dogs that are not claimed by their owners become the property of the Shelter after 10 days, and are available for adoption then.

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FCSO Regional Dog Shelter and Animal Control Officer Operations


The Regional Dog Shelter shall remain closed to all public access until further notice.  There will be a schedule put in place where Leslee Colucci, Gabi Trudeau, and Kyle Dragon will cover the shelter Monday thru Friday to answer phone calls and take care of any dogs that are at the shelter.  

The FCSO Animal Control Officer (ACO) Kyle Dragon will continue support as needed and will reach out to the public as phone calls dictate.  The ACO will not patrol at this time, however, if a town needs immediate assistance the ACO will assist.  

In the event that a dog is lost or found, the shelter staff will assist the public by means of listing the dog on Facebook.  The shelter staff will help return the dog back to their home by means of communicating by phone.

The shelter will accept strays from the local ACOs on a limited emergency basis at the discretion of Leslee Colucci.  We are limiting who enters our facility. If a town has a request we will make every effort possible to meet towns at the shelter. 

The Municipal Animal Control Officer or Police Officer shall notify Leslee Colucci that they are bringing a dog to the shelter.  Only emergency intakes should be brought to the shelter.

Upon arrival at the shelter, all dogs should be wiped down with a warm damp cloth to reduce possible contamination. Staff will determine if the dog should be washed. 

If a dog is brought to the shelter and the owner is located, the person picking the dog up will be advised of the pickup procedure.  All owners will remain out of the building and the proper paper work will be brought to them. No fees will be collected at this time.

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