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Civil Process

Under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 37, the sheriff is required “to serve all process required by law to be served by an officer”. Chapter 37, Section 3 empowers the sheriffs to appoint deputies for the purpose of carrying out this function of the office. Deputy Sheriffs are law enforcement officers who possess both criminal and civil authority. Deputies are therefore held to the same training standards as other law enforcement officials. In addition to the annual training requirements of the Sheriff’s Office, deputies are required to successfully complete police officer training through the Massachusetts Sheriffs’ Association or the Massachusetts Municipal Police Training Committee.


The Process Division is administered by the Special Sheriff/Superintendent. Daily operations are supervised by a Lieutenant/Officer in Charge. An administrative assistant coordinates the clerical functions of the office. Since the office is required to serve all process, both civil and criminal, issued by the courts, attorneys and individual plaintiffs, services may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Summons and complaints; warrants; restraining orders; show cause notices; supplementary process of judgment debtors; orders of notice; summons to trustee; capias warrants

  • Divorce; Motions; child support/custody orders; modifications; support; separate support; paternity; contempt summons and guardianship

  • Witness subpoenas; notice of depositions

  • Real estate seizures and levies; writs of execution; repossession of vehicles; bulk attachments and sheriff’s sales

  • 14 day notices to quit; 30 day notices to quit; summary process summons and complaint; execution on judgment for summary process

  • Trespass orders

The Process Division attempts to provide confidential, professional and timely service to all parties. The division cannot, as a matter of law, provide legal advice. Please contact the office for service fees. Payment may be in the form of check, debit card or credit card payable to: F.C.S.O. In order to expedite the service of process, please complete the informational sheet below.


      TEL: (413) 774-3235

      FAX: (413) 772-1073



      Monday - Friday 8:00 AM-4:00 PM

      Closed 12/20 at noon

      101 MUNSON STREET , SUITE 124

       GREENFIELD, MA 01301

      101 MUNSON STREET , SUITE 124

       GREENFIELD, MA 01301


      Director of Civil Process: Scott Parker



      Executive Assistant: Lisa Powell



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