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Contact an Inmate

There are a number of way to contact an inmate. 

Phone Call

In order to receive phone calls from an inmate you must be on an inmate’s phone list and have an account setup with Securus. This can be done by phone at (800)844-6591 or online at

Video Visitation

Want to visit an inmate from anywhere? Save time and money by remotely visiting with your incarcerated loved one from wherever you are. Visit to get started. 

Securus Video Visitation is a fully web-based visitation system that allows friends, family members, attorneys, and public officials to schedule and participate in video visitation sessions with an inmate – from anywhere with internet access using the free Securus app, computer or tablet.

Steps to Register

Download a Brochure


eMessaging allows family and friends to communicate with an incarcerated loved one using email like messaging.

With eMessaging you can:

  • Send a text message

  • Attach up to 5 photos

  • Share up to 5 eCards

  • Send just a photo with Snap n’ Send TM (Mobile app only)

  • Receive an inmate reply if you prepay


How it works:

  • You must have a Securus Online account and login to use eMessaging

  • Messages are sent and received from your eMessaging inbox from this website or on the Securus mobile app

  • eMessages are paid for by purchasing a book of ‘stamps’. Stamp pricing varies by facility. Once you select your inmate the stamp price will be shown.

  • Find your inmate, purchase a book of stamps and start writing your message.

All message and photos are subject to review by the facility. If a message or photos are rejected or the inmate reply is rejected you will receive a reject message in your inbox with the reason for the rejection. Stamps are not refunded if a message or photo is rejected.

To find out more visit

Traditional Mail

It is the policy of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office to facilitate the collection, handling and distribution of inmate mail to ensure that such correspondence does not jeopardize public safety or the security interests of the facility.

  • All inmate correspondence, including drawings, must be written/typed in black ink or non-colored pencil. 

  • Correspondence must be written on plain white paper, free of stains, spills or discoloration.  This includes white-out, lipstick and perfume/cologne.

  • Greeting cards must be non-layered, no pop-ups, or music devices and nothing adhered to card.  No home-made cards.

  • All envelopes must be PURE WHITE.

  • Soft cover authorized books and magazines will be accepted only if mailed directly from the publisher.  Any hard cover books will be secured with the inmate’s personal property in the facility property room.  Used books of any kind are not allowed. 

  • Any tattoo related material, books and magazines are not allowed.

  • No catalogs with the exception of Edward Hamilton Booksellers.

  • No stamps, envelopes, blank paper, pencils/pens.

  • No items with crayon, marker, colored pencil, paint, glitter, glue, stickers etc.

  • Photographs must be in the original form.  Any alterations, to include glue like substances and stains will not be allowed.  Photographs must not be larger than 5” x 8”.  No Polaroid photos.

  • No laminated items such as prayer cards, ID cards, credit cards, bookmarks, etc.

  • Any acceptable material printed from the internet must be printed in black ink.

  • In Order to ensure a safe and secure facility, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to   deny any and all items sent to a FCSO inmate deemed inappropriate and/or non-compliant with FCSO policies.
    The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office policies are subject to change without notice.


Phone Call
Video Visitation
Traditional Mail
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