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The Security Division of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is made up of over 125 uniformed Correctional Officers and Deputy Sheriffs whose primary responsibility, after successfully completing a nine-week academy, is to provide for the care and custody of the inmates in their care.   Through their extensive training and professionalism, these men and women are also mentors to the inmate population.

The Franklin County Jail and House of Corrections is a direct supervision facility, where the majority of Officers are assigned to housing units.  While in the housing units, these Officers are responsible for not only the safety and security of their unit, but also to recognize and notify the proper people of medical and mental health issues that might arise. The officers work with the Correctional Caseworkers and Unit Managers assigned to each housing unit.  They are also responsible for coordinating and preparing the inmates to move throughout the facility to their programs, work assignments, court trips and medical appointments.


Officers are also assigned to the transportation of inmates to and from the courts, other county facilities, medical trips and assisting local police departments in transporting to our facility.

Other work assignments for Officers are Lobby Reception that conduct security screening and direct the public and professional visitors to the appropriate areas; Response Officers that provide escorts for movement throughout the facility and provide security for classes and Central Control Officers who coordinate all movement throughout the facility as well as monitoring video surveillance and all security doors to the facility.

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