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Inmate Funds

There are now a number of ways to deposit funds into an inmate’s canteen account at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

  • Purchase a money order or bank check made out to the inmate. Please fill out all parts on the money order: purchaser, address, etc. Please print legibly and include the inmate’s birth date on the check or money order – this ensures that the funds are credited to the correct inmate. These transactions will be processed on the next business day following receipt. Checks & money orders can be mailed to: 

    The inmate’s name
    160 Elm Street 
    Greenfield, MA 01301

  • To deposit funds directly into an inmate’s canteen fund over the Internet, go to and follow the instructions on the site. 

  • Additionally, deposits may be made over the phone, by calling Access Corrections at: 866-345-1884

  • There is a banking kiosk in the reception lobby of our facility. This machine will accept cash or credit/debit cards (no $1 bills or change).   


There are limits to the amount that can be deposited via the kiosk, phone or Internet:

  • Up to $300 in one day for one inmate

  • Up to $325 over a 12-day period from a single credit card.


There are service fees on all deposits made via the kiosk or over the Internet or phone. The amount depends on the type of deposit, and is displayed on the kiosk screen or webpage when you deposit funds on the Internet.


The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office does not operate the lobby banking kiosk. Any questions or problems with its use (or with phone or Internet deposits) should be directed to Access Corrections at 866-345-1884.


If you have other questions about inmate funds, please call Wendi Warger at 413-774-4014 extension 2144.

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