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Commitment to Community


~By Anita Fritz, Recorder Staff

(413) 772-0261

This past May, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office held its Eighth Annual Warm the Children Golf Outing at the Country Club of Greenfield.

“I’ve been doing it for two years,” said Sheriff Chris Donelan.  “I didn’t start it, but I intend to continue it.”

Donelan said the tournament, which hosted 36 teams this year, raises about $7,000 each year.  “It’s a way for our employees, folks throughout the county, and a few folks from Hampshire and Hampden counties to give back and have fun at the same time,” he said.  “We all spend time together for a good cause.”

Donelan said the Sheriff’s Office organizes several fundraisers throughout the year and gives to local charities.  “This one is special.  These children start life without a lot of opportunity,” he said.

He said if his employees and others in the community can make those children’s lives a little more comfortable and give them a little more opportunity, then that’s wonderful.  “It’s a great mix of excellent and horrible golfers – all having fun,” he said.  When asked which one he is, he laughed and said, “Horrible!”

Donelan said he and the other participants look forward to the tournament each year.  “After a long winter, it’s a nice sign that summer is on its way!” he said. 

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