Jon A. Goodell, Assistant Superintendent


Massachusetts currently has 13 jails and houses of correction. These facilities hold pre-trial detainees and sentenced offenders with sentences of 2½ years or less. The responsibility for the operation of these facilities was given to the Sheriffs by the Massachusetts legislature in 1699. In addition to pre-trial and sentenced offenders, many Sheriff’s Offices also hold pre-arraignment arrestees. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is among those. By establishing and maintaining a local correctional system, Massachusetts is uniquely positioned to provide an array of programs and services to inmates to assist them is preparing and successfully re-entering the community.

The primary mission of a House of Correction is to provide inmates with the programs and services to change and improve their lives. This work cannot be done without a strong and effective Security Division providing an orderly and safe environment within the facility. 

The Security Division of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is made up of over 125 uniformed Correctional Officers whose sole responsibility is to provide for the care and custody of the inmates in their care.  The Security Division is supported in their work by the Tactical Response Team and the K-9 Unit.

These Officers monitor the Inmate Housing Units, provide security in classrooms where inmates are involved in educational services, and provide safe passage as inmates move throughout the facility.

Correctional Officers operate the Central Control Room, monitoring the entire facility 24-hours per day, dispatching vans transporting inmates to court, as well as deputies in the field serving warrants.

K9 Services


In 2011, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office started its K9 Unit. Lieutenant Scott Waldron was assigned the position and the search for a K9 began.  After extensive research, including local and state wide K9 Units, the Sheriff’s Office decided to work with the Boston Police Department’s K9 Unit’s master K9 trainer Troy Caisey. K9 Drago, a German Shepherd, was chosen from Czech Republic and brought to the United States in September 2011. Lieutenant Scott Waldron and K9 Drago attended patrol training September 21, 2011 and successfully completed the training January 6, 2012. On February 3, 2012, Lieutenant Scott Waldron and K9 Drago started narcotics training in Boston, MA, which was successfully completed on March 14, 2012. Certifications also achieved are USPCA and NAPWDA Standards.

Lieutenant Waldron and K9 Drago have become a highly successful resource for the daily operations at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. To date, the Franklin County Sheriff’s K9 Unit has assisted local police departments in motor vehicle narcotic searches, participated in several missing person searches, and has assisted in search warrant apprehensions.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit is proud to serve all towns of Franklin County.