Regional Dog Control Services

Leslee Colucci, Regional Dog Control Officer
Franklin County Regional Shelter phone: (413) 676-9182

Every year in Franklin County, hundreds of dogs are lost, found, or abandoned. 

The Franklin County Regional Shelter is the only facility in Franklin County that attends to the needs of these deserving dogs. While there are other excellent animal welfare organizations in the area, none take in or attend to these in-need animals. With the advantage of law enforcement authority, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Program and the Franklin County Regional Shelter is the main facility that cares for these unfortunate dogs here in Franklin County. 

Our goal is to find these dogs great homes! Dogs that come to live with us are evaluated, medically treated, medicated (if necessary), spayed/natured, vaccinated, fed, housed, exercised and generally well cared for by the staff of the Shelter and a cadre of volunteers. Dogs that are not claimed by their owners become the property of the Shelter after 10 days, and are available for adoption then.

The Adoption Process and Application

Thanks for your interest in our dogs! They all deserve wonderful, loving homes.

The first thing we suggest you do is to come and spend some time with the dog you are interested in. Take it for a walk, let is spend time with any dog(s) you have, and just generally get to know it. Make sure you think it will be a fit in your home.

If you find a dog that you’d really like, there are two forms that we need filled out. The first is the adoption agreement, and the second is the application for adoption itself. Please note that we do reference and veterinarian checks on applicants, because we really do care about our dogs and want them to go to great homes. Once your references check out (it usually takes a few days), the dog is yours to pick up. The adoption fee is $175.

Why Adopt a Pound Dog?

Millions of perfectly good, healthy, loving and loveable dogs are euthanized in the United States every year. It is a long-term effort to bring this number down, but in the meantime you can help by taking in one of the wonderful affectionate dogs that have wound up in shelters and pounds through no fault of their own. Pound dogs tend to be loyal, loving, and great family members – just ask someone who’s adopted one!

If you adopt from the Regional Shelter, you know that your dog is spayed or natured, up to date on its vaccinations, and healthy. You will have had all the time you need to assess the dog and be certain that it’s right for you. Also, you will receive 30 free days of veterinary insurance from Pet Point.

Who Can Adopt?

Anyone who is in a stable situation, can afford to keep the dog up to date with vaccinations and in good health, and will spend time with them is a candidate. You don’t have to be wealthy or to have even owned a dog before. We get dogs of all types: small and large, low- and high-energy, and all breeds. The important things are that you really want a dog, and that you realize that a dog is a commitment of some time and energy on your part. A dog will be devoted to you and want to spend time with you, and deserves the same back.

If Your Dog is Lost

If your dog is lost, you can call the shelter to see if someone has brought it to us as a found dog. Please leave a detailed description of the dog is you get our voice mail. You should also call your local police department, and also speak to their animal control officer if they have one. Many lost dogs are found and returned to their owners, so keep at it!


We can almost always use volunteers.

If you want to volunteer time – anything from an hour a month to several hours a week – to do anything from walking dogs, to cleaning kennels, to transporting dogs to vet appointments, to office work, thanks! We can use you! Please call Deputy Colucci first so that she can make the most effective use of your time and talents, and plug you into a schedule that’s coordinated with other volunteers.


While much of the funding for the Regional Shelter comes from Sheriff Donelan’s office, the shelter will always be a community resource that depends on some outside funding and donations. Donations of funds and goods are tax deductible.

Please call Deputy Colucci if you want to donate products. Please call ahead, because while we have a continuing need for goods from common items to specialty products, we have limited storage space, and may not need a particular item at a given time…but we almost certainly will later!