Mission & Philosophy

The primary mission of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is the protection of the public. The philosophy of the Sheriff’s Office is to protect the public by providing public safety services to the citizens of Franklin County:

  • Operation of a regional correctional system
  • Transportation of prisoners
  • Detention of pre-arraignment arrestees
  • Service of judicial process
  • Community policing and crime prevention programs for senior citizens
  • Juvenile outreach services
  • Enforcement of laws enacted for the health, safety and welfare of the people


The long-term goals of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office are:

  • To hold and detain all lawfully committed pre-trial, pre-sentenced and sentenced inmates in a manner that provides for the security and safety of citizens, staff and inmates.
  • To provide a housing and activities structure whereby inmates learn essential life skills as a preparation for successfully negotiating daily life upon release.
  • To identify inmate needs and offer opportunities for self-improvement and rehabilitation through education, counseling, and training in order that the inmate can successfully re-enter and reintegrate into the community and ultimately reduce recidivism.
  • To achieve maximum staff professionalism and safety, to ensure maintenance of housing, unit leadership and control staff, and produce positive tension-reducing inmate behavior through ongoing training and interaction.
  • To expand community initiatives in the areas of Community Policing; Regional Corrections and Collaborative Law Enforcement Task Forces.
  • The Sheriff’s Office is committed to professionalism. The Office of Sheriff strives to meet state, federal, and professional standards, and is committed to train staff who display pride, integrity and accountability.
  • To establish policies, procedures and practices which are in compliance with applicable law and the minimal national standards as suggested by the American Correctional Association and the National Sheriff’s Association.
  • To serve as an integrated part of a coordinated criminal justice system in Franklin County and in cooperation with federal, state and local law enforcement, justice and human services entities.