Administrative Services

Paul D. Gervais, Assistant Superintendent, Administrative Services

 The Administrative Services Division is indispensable to the daily operations of the Sheriff’s Office.  When the state legislature eliminated county governments, the Sheriffs’ Offices were integrated into state government as “independent agencies” under the jurisdiction of the elected Sheriffs of the Commonwealth.  District Attorneys’ Offices are similarly organized.  In keeping with independent agency status, the Sheriff’s Office receives an annual appropriation from the state government to fund daily operation.  It is the Administrative Services Division that allocates funds within the budget, maintains a Human Resources Office for processing payroll, handling employee records, and maintaining personnel files.  Also, all procurements and expenditures are processed locally and logged into the state’s accounting system.  Finally, Administrative Services includes the Sheriff’s Office Information Technology Division which supports the multitude of computer programs that cover everything from desktop computers, jail security and alarm systems to software support for budgets, inmate files, and data collection systems.  This division is subject to the external oversight of the Offices of the State Auditor, State Comptroller, and the Inspector General to ensure adherence to regulations governing the expenditure of public funds and to the Bureau of Criminal Justice Information Services which is responsible for the state’s technology support infrastructure.